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 Tenerife, Monkey Park

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PostSubject: Tenerife, Monkey Park   Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:00 pm

Monkey Park

The Monkey Park is only a short taxi ride from Los Cristianos, taxi cost is around €6/€7 euro from Safari centre in Playa De Las Americas.

Some bits I liked some I didn't.

Looking around the Monkey Park its easy to see that their is lots of scope and size to make the park a better place for some these animals to live in although they all looked healthy apart from some of the med tortoises.

A lot of it was really good and they tried to give near enough the real conditions in which these animals are accustomed too in the wild, the likes of the Chimp enclosure, to me it was too small and not so good, concrete base not natural at all but plenty climbing frames, Ive seen worse and I guess building a huge one would cost a fortune and Im sure this place started off as a place for unwanted animals a sort of rescue centre.

Alot of the cages are of the open kind to the public, in other words you can go inside and interact with the animals, a nice touch although I did find with the likes of the Sulcata tortoise was pestered all the time with people wanting to touch it.

This was a great enclosure for the crocs and turtles.

Yep we were in the cage with these, great experience to be so close to them.

This is one area I didnt like, the enclosure itself was great but they had mixed species of tortoises all together, they were all feeding on the same diet which was wrong and could be seen by the deformity on the mediterranean species which are more accustomed to a weed diet than fruit and veg. Sorry thats the expert coming out in me lol, Im a tortoise keeper.

This species is a sulcata tortoise and more of a grazing species eating various grasses not fruit.

Here is some of the food they shared, I saw cabbage another big nono for med species although they will eat anything includng fruit which becomes an addiction for them and not good at all for their digestive system.

Here you can see the different species together which is not a good idea for various reasons.

Here is the med species they are really badly deformed. Its such a shame this is one of the biggest faults I found in this small zoo, with a little bit more knowledge and not a great deal of money this could be much better, for example I found lots of places they could have placed the med tortoises in with out doing much more than a small picket fence.

Here is one such area that was doing nothing, the med species would have thrived here on their own with a proper diet.

I did like the monkey park and for the price of €10 each it was a great way to fill in a hour or so in the afternoon. I have contacted the zoo with my finding but heard nothing back. They have done a pretty good job of the place for a small scale zoo, the smaller monkey species have great enclosures.


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Tenerife, Monkey Park

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