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 bulletin getting invovled with real mallorca

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PostSubject: bulletin getting invovled with real mallorca   Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:59 am

The Bulletin has been giving away tickets for the Real Mallorca games and have starting working together. They have a new owner so lets hope they can get promotion. They won the last game 2-0.

I just think that it just another positive for the Island, why doesn't the tourist board jump on this. I know not everyone is into football, but if they just made a point of advertising things like this, along with cycling, walking, golfing not mentioning the varied scenary and beaches, then its really something for everybody all year round.

From the Bulletin.......

REAL Mallorca, as their name suggests is a very Majorcan outfit, but it now has an international flavour in the form of its new Oxford-educated German chairman and owner Utz Claassen. The new owner wants to bring the local community together on the island under one flag, that of Real Mallorca Football Club. And I think he will be successful. This week, to celebrate the new era at the club, the Bulletin joined forces with Mallorca to offer our readers a taste of Real Mallorca with a ticket giveaway. It proved to be a huge success. I was also pleased to notice some of the messages which accompanied the entries to the giveaway. One reader said that it had been many years since he had watched Real Mallorca and was looking forward to returning to the Son Moix while another said that she was coming straight from the airport to collect her tickets! One regular Real Mallorca fan wrote on our Facebook site that he was prepared to give ticket winners a helping hand at the ground if they were not sure of its layout. It is the dawn of a new era at Real Mallorca and hopefully the local foreign community will also get involved with the local soccer club. And a warning to our Real Mallorca correspondent, long time fan Monro Bryce;be careful what you shout at the game tomorrow Monro, there will be some people in the ground who will understand you! And the best of luck Mallorca, make us proud and take three
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Majorca Mad

PostSubject: Re: bulletin getting invovled with real mallorca   Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:34 pm

Nice post Ro Thumsup

I've been reading some of the stuff in the Bulletin over the last week, seems that Majorca is having a purge on the corruption at the moment, a whole host of Police and Council officials have had their collars felt recently and most have been up before the beak and been remanded or had high bail set.

Another thing noted was that Ryanair have had a dig about winter flights, saying that PMI charge them the same for winter landings as they do in the summer, so RA have reduced the flights accordingly.
RA go on to point out that people would be fooled into thinking that the airport is fully open in the winter, all the lights are on in all wings, full staffing levels in duty free, whereas the reality is that it's only running at about 30% of capacity. Most flights are local hops to Barcelona and Ibiza as well.

It does seem daft how everything shuts up shop out there so early. It does make you wonder just how deep this back hander culture reaches.
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PostSubject: Re: bulletin getting invovled with real mallorca   Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:23 am

Mark, yes Ive read that too.

Regarding the back hand culture, its been going on for generations, it just goes to show the difference in cultures throughout the eurozone.

The problem is, where will it all end and how high will it go?
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PostSubject: Re: bulletin getting invovled with real mallorca   

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bulletin getting invovled with real mallorca

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