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 tourist board plans fro magaluf

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PostSubject: tourist board plans fro magaluf   Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:50 am

I understand there is a tourism conference in London currently and the Balearic tourist board has been going on about a couple of things.

One of them is the tourist tax, and they are brushing it off saying it was small change. Now a two week holiday for a family of four may add up and unless you are a massive fan of Mallorca then I reckon you would consider somewhere else.

second was the clean up of Magaluf, they (as we all know) are trying to turn it into a top class resort, it may work but some people just want a cheap and cheerful holiday, most people do behave and if they need to keep the behaviour in check then so be it, the gardia civil are more than capable.

one guy said that if Magaluf does go high end, Palma Nova will become the next Magaluf, good point.

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PostSubject: Re: tourist board plans fro magaluf   Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:52 pm

Well the tourist tax for starters is a bad move TBH as we have all seen a decline in tourist numbers althugh the government seem to deny this and gives us massive numbers I've not seen it myself in Magaluf at all. October now does not seem as busy as it used to be although its a great time of year to visit.

The clean up operation, we had our first look at this last month, TBH its just a load of concrete as far as I can see, its not the joining of the hotels together with walkway and new shops we read about many years back and its only been one road upto now.

But the biggest difference to me is the Sol hotels, the quality of these can be seen I was really impressed with what they did with the Tobago and I would stay there again at the price we paid.

The bars along the coast have made a great effort as well, they are look really good now.

I think they will find it hard to turn Magaluf around, it is what it is and always be known as a young persons play ground. The only way to try and change this is by putting the prices right up and stopping late night drinking which is what they did in a well know Greek resort/Island (Falaraki), the place is now a ghost town and the many business people are crying out for the tourists to come back but they have nothing to offer http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/decline-faliraki-after-10-year-clean-up-2103167

Putting up prices will steer the kids away and make them look else where for their party fix. I dont think this is the correct way to go, what I would say is the best way to clean it up is to have the bar owners keep on top of their premises and have better security around the resort, a zero tolerance police group at all times at either end of the strip and close the strip road off to traffic at night. Basically split the resort in two with the bottom end more for the older crowd. Get rid of the prossies and street sellers so shop keepers dont lose out anymore. Its that simple dont try to change try to improve.

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tourist board plans fro magaluf

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