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 bars on the strip

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PostSubject: bars on the strip   Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:21 am

This is from the bulletin, saying that at least 20 bars are up for sale/rent. It goes onto explain the hotels are having there own functions/parties/bars etc.

" The changes in Magalluf are having an impact on bars and other establishments associated with the image the resort wishes to shake off. In Punta Ballena, representative of this image, there are some twenty establishments with signs to rent, for sale or traspaso: sometimes all three.

Pepe Tirado, president of the Acotur tourist businesses association, believes that this is the consequence of the tourism law having facilitated the transformation of Magalluf, an aspect of which has been the creation of new higher-range establishments on the ground floors of tourist accommodation.

The new market, he suggests, is self-regulating in that it is providing the resort with a new image. Over time, only those businesses which adapt will survive. "There are business owners who have made great efforts. They have adapted to the new image by changing what they offer. Others have not. Hence, there are the signs."

Tirado observes, however, that meeting objectives of change are made more difficult by a tourist season - and so the opening and closing of hotels - getting shorter. This is an observation at variance with how the town hall has been describing developments.

He adds that there has been an "invisible hand" which has assisted in Magalluf's transformation - the local residents. But while there are residents who say that the past twenty years of excess - drugs, rape, fights, prostitution, "balconing" - are ending, there are others who insist that there is still a long way to go. Cheap booze offers may no longer be as prevalent, but issues remain, with the prostitutes at the top of the list."
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PostSubject: Re: bars on the strip   Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:39 pm

Mad Maga has never been out of the news in all the years Ive been going.

Back in the 80's Maga was an amazing place to visit, the streets and bars were full and cheap yet people behaved once back at the hotels unlike these days yet the place still got bad press.

I remember the cook report visiting Manos Place and complaining about a chimp that used to take ciggies from customers and smoke them as well as the ducks they had for entertainment at 10pm every night. Now its about muggings/ prostitutes which I have to say has opened my eyes over the years even though their were Spanish prostitutes in Maga as well as a brothel at one time that never used to get mentioned because it never caused any trouble for anyone.

I still love Maga through the day and many coastal bars have gone up market now and really nice to sit in and watch the world go by. Night time is a different animal though.

Many bars I used to love have gone, Manos which I loved does not get the crowds it used to get, you couldnt get in the door at one time, same with the Irish bar along there the Mucky Duck, The Green Parrot which as we know changed into the Bollocks Bar and is now a supermarket, Alexandras nightclub gone ohhhh the old place is disappearing before my eyes, times have moved on and the clientele has gone down hill.

Drugs, Prostitutes, A/I hotels and scumbags are slowly killing the place Mad Crying or Very sad sob

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PostSubject: Re: bars on the strip   Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:46 pm

Yes, mate, we do love popping over their during the day as a family, has a good buzzing vibe.

Nighttime not a place for families mind!

Although Im really not a fan of Maga during the night (unless its an odd night out with the lads), I cant help but feel sorry for the bars closing, still I guess they have had their time and have done pretty well out of it.

Everything changes I guess!
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PostSubject: Re: bars on the strip   

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bars on the strip

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