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 Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Playa Blanca, 2012, Walk from Rubicon Marina to the Lighthouse

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Mad Destination Expert

PostSubject: Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Playa Blanca, 2012, Walk from Rubicon Marina to the Lighthouse   Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:48 pm

Thursday Morning, it was a mackerel sky, "What does that mean then",said a curious Mrs Db

"Well rain really, it's when the clouds look like a pattern on a mackerel's back, us fishermen say its a warning of rain coming, we could go for a walk?". "Well let's sit on the balcony for a while to see what happens", said Mrs Db

Well the coastline at Playa Blanca is over 6 miles long and many questions have been asked, as to where accommodation is, so thought is was a good idea if I did the walks and putting times to each walk

Well it was 10.45 am and the weather was still undecided so Mrs Db said, "I'll go and get changed again, I know you would like to do the walk". (That's a woman's, 'on your head be it' answer) pale

so it's from the Marina to the Lighthouse approximately 4.5 miles walk "We could get the bus back", I suggest. violin

The lighthouse is that little white blob sticking up in line dead centre to those two yachts

and zoomed in, on an earlier shot, love the camera

so at 10.43am we set off

Passed the two derelict wind fan structures which must be a listed site by now, the salt used to be gathered from the surf on the shoreline and dried by those fans (the fans on top don't exist now). There is still a salt farm working and can be seen from the right hand side of the coach coming into Playa Blanca

So it's up the pathway, heading towards the Hesperia hotel

100 metres further

looking to the right between the Pueblo Marinero and the Hesperia hotels at this position is the vast land which has had foundations dug for some large project some two or three years earlier and has come to nothing

(same area taken on another day)

Further up the pathway we have a pitch and putt golf course owned by the Hesperia Hotel

and next to the golf course is a new cafe, that has opened in the last two years

beyond the cafe is what I call the back entrance to the beach from the Hesperia Hotel (front entrance is displayed on another walk). We are 5 minutes into the walk at this point

Just a few metres further down the pathway and on the left, the resort has built a mini type of gym for all to try

I often chuckle, as many an elderly person like myself, can be seen giving the apparatus a try, still wanting to know if they have it, whilst hoping it doesn't bring on that unwelcome cardaic arrest lol!

passed the little gym area, we come to the start od Dorado Beach IMO the best beach with all facilities

The beach is approximate 250/ 300 metres long with nice sand

at this next point we reach the centre of the beach and at this point we have taken 10 minutes

This picture was taken on another day but gives the beach view

will do this later

This again taken on another day, shows the cafe above the beach, run by the Princessa Yaiza

above the beach is the five star Princessa Yaiza Hotel which is central to the beach, at this point we are 12 minutes into the walk

By this time the weather had picked up and the clouds were clearing and it was warming up affraid we can go back Mrs Db, "No we have started now", was the reply silent

as we headed to the Papagaya Centre I thought Mrs Db might have the hump, but it was just the back pack she was carrying. Now I'm not sure why its called the Papagaya Centre, as it's no where near Papagaya and must cause all kinds of confusion

It is really a complex of pubs restaurants and bars with a few shops inside. It has two side alleys going up to the main road either side of it leading up to other Hotels including the well placed Lanzarote Princess (more on that on another walk)

more on the centre itself on the walk done on the town itself, at this point 13.5 minutes on the walk

now we head towards the town and restaurants

and round the corner all the restaurants start, these tend to be cheaper to eat in than the Marina

at this point we are 20 minutes into the walk, Jumbo's Chinese, Tipico Canaro and Volcan de Timanfaya (the latter being our fav this year, for quality and price)

Now the town has also a small beach which disappears at high tide but must say it have never looked better, not sure whether the restaurants have helped improve it but and advantage to them if they have

heading up to the harbour now, not to be confused with the marina which we started our walk from

just took the prices here I can zoom in wtf

and so to the harbour, this is where you can get the Armas Ferry or the Fred Olsen seacat to Fuerteventura

so 25 minutes to reach the harbour

The harbour area is rough stones and wheelchairs etc would have to go up on the road

the Armas ferry just leaves

Then the otherside of the harbour the pathway continues 30 minutes into our walk

soon we were getting near the start of the Ibero Star

It's an enormous hotel with thousands of guests, they have made attempts to make little beaches amongst the rocks and on their land

at this point we were 40 minutes into the walk

now as mentioned the hotel is so big that it takes a full 5 minutes to walk the length of it

so it depends on what end you are staying in to whether your nearer town or Flamingo Beach

So now 45 minutes into the walk and Flamingo Beach just 3 minutes away

so here we are ant Flamingo Beach with extra bits of sand areas added around it

years ago, this area was just a small patch of sand

The pathway around the beach have little plant islands in them

at this point around 50 minutes, we reach the restaurants and a few shops, there are only a few restaurants here

This was turning out to be the hotest day of the hoilday which Mrs Db was reminding me (about this mackerel sky) and we stopped of a bottle of water

then up a small hill at the end of the shops

Is the Thomson newly named Blue Village complex at about 51 minutes into the walk

at the end a viewing point looking over the beach, which has stones at this end of it

so just a look over the Blue Village complex before we move on

so we head down to the next hotel the Timanfaya Palace Hotel

looks a luxury hotel from the outside

again they have made small sand areas in the rocks as they have no beach outside

reaching the entrance at 56 minutes on the walk

so now we move on to the Natura Palace

a small piece of rough beach here, which would disappear with the tide

so long pathway

looks very nice, but they didn't take any notice of Manrique who suggest no building should be more than two storey's high

and at the entrance the walk has now taken 1 hour and 8 minutes

so we head on to the Hotel Rubican but in a sideway is the dead Volcano Roja which you can climb

before the Hotel Rubican is about four restaurants

at this point in the walk the time is 1 hour 10 minutes

Then it was a walk up a small hill

before arriving at the Rubicon hotel entrance at the time of 1 hour 16 minutes

To me, the hotel at the back had a tired look about it

Then it was on to the lighthouse but Mrs Db was looking tired too, I said we can get a bus back from the Hotel Rubicon

Then coming down to a small resto /bar, time of the walk at this point 1 hour 21 minutes

There was another hotel with a few sand areas surrounded by walls on the rocks

again the pathway ran out for 20 metres, looks like someone wanted a through way to the sea

but the pathway came back again and the target was in sight

then it was rough ground to the lighthouse, would I be able to go to the top wtf

but it was all locked up

I went round the back there was an old lighthouse with smashed windows and graffti looking sorry for itself

and the new one looking majestic in the sky, time of walk 1 hour 44 mintues

I returned to Mrs Db who was patiently sitting on the wall, "was it worth it", she said lol!

well there wasn't even a cafe around, so it was decided to head back passed the Rubicon to one of those four restaurants for lunch

we both had pints that went down well and the chef's special burger and chips

mine was a bit all over the place lol! but there was egg, bacon, cheese, burger, ham, tomato and lettuce all for 3.70 euro's, much better value here

a tidy Mrs Db shows hers

and after an hour rest, Mrs Db said she was game to walk all the way home. About 9 miles what about me, I would have caught the bus lol!
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Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Playa Blanca, 2012, Walk from Rubicon Marina to the Lighthouse

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