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 Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Playa Blanca, 2012, Walk from Papagaya to the Rubicon Marina

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Mad Destination Expert

PostSubject: Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Playa Blanca, 2012, Walk from Papagaya to the Rubicon Marina   Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:21 pm

Anyway, it was a cloudy day and Playa Blanca is spread over 6 miles of coastline, Mrs Db and I had cover from the marina to the lighthouse approximately 4.5 miles in the previous walk, today Mrs Db and I decided to walk to Papagaya Beach and time the walk back to the Marina completing the coastal path and pointing out hotels and points of interest on the route back. People can then judge for themselves if they are picking the right areas of Playa Blanca which suits them

First of all there are three beaches in Papagaya, this is the furtherest away and can be nudist beach

The second furthest beach can be also a nudist beach

we are not going to start from them, as the object is to show how far the nearest beach is away from the hotels and the marina

So the first beach from the hotel complexes is this one

but before we start and overview of the terraine of the area, totally unsuitable for the frail or pushing a pushchair etc

When we arrived there in December, there was absolutely no facitities on this beach, other than a car park, I was told last time I was there in PB that a stall/shop selling expensive food and drinks existed, maybe perhaps in the summer. didn't see any toilet facilities either

The view out to sea

The view of our route back before we start

There are various ways of getting back (some going up and down deep ditches) but we chose the most direct marked route (poles in the ground at the top)

following the couple you can see a choice of two tracks going up those mounds in the distance

we chose the one on the right (optional, we came down that one)

Then there is a difficult or worse bit where you get up these rough steps, (not too difficult, unless your older than me) wtf

but would be like the navy getting the gun over the wall in the Royal Tournament with a pram and baby

and here at the top, with the pathway marker pole sticking up in the distance in the middle of the picture time of walk 6 minutes

here we reached that pole and hotels are in sight 7.5 minute

just a peek to your right are the mountains

but we carry on down the path track

at this point we had walked 10.5 minutes

Getting near the first of the group of hotels 12.5 minutes

The hotel Sandos Papagaya Beach resort is the nearest and they have a short cut into the main entrance and car park

but for the rest of us we have to take the pathway down to the road 13.5 minutes

at this point I will stop the walk and try to explain that there is a short cut at the back of The Sandos Papagaya Beach resort that some people use walking at the back next to the sea

So as not to spoil timings, on my way in I went to investigate it, as two years ago, we had a look and my wife said,"No way was she climbing it". However, I thought that things may have been improved and worth the look, this is at the back of the Sandos going up the cliff side

I looked at it from the top as well :o

It can and is done, many youngsters would say, what's the problem

but for Mrs Db, it's still a no :o

Love the way hotel clients have made stone hearts and names on the beach lol! anyway more on that later, in the walk

but for now, we are still here, at 13.5 minutes Laughing

so heading to the road down below

the left onto the road, starting to pass the hotel's massive complex

eventually arriving at a very small restaurant and shop which we stopped exactly an hour for a burger lunch and a beer

round the back there was a square with about two or three other restaurants that we didnt know existed but I can't see trade being that good unless the food is bad in the AI's but who knows, so we start walking again, this photo setting the time of off at 17 minutes Laughing

and further along

until one reaches the The Dream Gran Castillo hotel which seems to be the business

but for me without a car and 20 minutes from the nearest good beach it is in the wrong place wtf

heading back to the sea, on the left appeared to be an under cover shopping arcade but not sure whether it was open or closed

on the left you can look down at the back of the Gran Castillo and Papagaya Beach Resort / arena walk now 23 minutes

and see the beach is stones and grit and at the far end that short cut I showed you earlier that would save you about 5 minutes walk

not the step out the hotel beach for me I am afraid but I tell you how it is

so the pathway goes up a slight incline with the sea on our left

passing a walkers roundabout, not sure whether to go round it on the right Laughing

leaving Papagaya in the distance

working our way up a gradual incline still

and passing what looks to be rented apartments on our right, don't know the name of them yet 31 minutes into the walk

long way down Laughing

in the distance is the pirates watch tower

and more unnamed accommodation on the right

finally reaching the town's pirate watch tower on the right walk so far 41 minutes

looking at this sign and just behind me is the Hotel Volcan

Its roof is done out to look like a volcano

I had a quick look as it had red lights streaming down from the top to simulate lava and can be seen as far away as the town

anyway not too much further to go now to reach the marina

here it has a viewpoint on the left but we head into the marina area

ok he's here's one or two I did earlier Laughing

last one

anyway back to the walk, so down the stairs to promenade walk now 44 minutes

just to the right of this picture is tha back entrance to the Hotel Volcan which looks over the marina rubicon

some more apartments with unlet shops / premises underneath

heading passed them now

and not far from the Marina Rubicon centre

an organisation that looks after stray cats called Freddy

we saw two cat houses on the other walk painted yellow with Freddy's cat house on it, a lady was feeding about 4 cats here one morning

so just approaching the shopping centre, bowling alley and amusements walked 50 minutes

and our apartments looming in the distance

here we are 52 minutes

obviously just a stroll and can be done quicker but will give you an idea

all the Marina restaurants are to the left of the picture, Dorado Beach 10mins and Harbour restaurants a further 20minutes walk, all covered in the Marina to Lighthouse walk. Also there is a boat that runs from the harbour to Papagaya beach for those that don't like walking cheers cheers cheers

Hope you enjoyed the virtual walk with us
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Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Playa Blanca, 2012, Walk from Papagaya to the Rubicon Marina

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